New series of bent & twisted trees by debbie rich

I've sketched out a new series of trees to work on. They will have a common theme of 1, 2 or 3 trees (mostly 2) against a swirly sky. I intend to keep a consistency while exploring variations on that theme. Excited! Need to first finish a half dozen paintings that are already in production. 

Big Swirls by Day, stage 3 by debbie rich

I've been picking at this painting again since I rented my studio space. Working on a 3 x 4 foot painting was tough in my little attic space at home. Here's the stage that I posted last year. Now I'm adding the green leaf canopy. The long haul is that I have to wait for the super thick paint dabs to dry before I can add another layer, and can take weeks! 

Spring is here, and the swirls follow by debbie rich

March 21st has passed in a blur — and swirl — of browns and green. I've jumped back into my second Big Swirl painting and finished painting the branches. Raw sienna, burnt sienna and indian red plus peach, beige, pale yellow, white and a bit of orange. Casually mix-mastering the colors while listening to my new favorite sci-fi book epic, Hyperion. Here's how the painting looked in December.

Big birthday swirls 'n cheers. by debbie rich

Well happy birthday to me! I am pretty darn pleased with how this painting is emerging. Huzzah. Stayed away from it for a few months, partly because I've been busy and partly because I needed time to rethink the thick dark lines that poured initially from my brush. Going through the entire tree and painting thicker fills over the outlines. Here's the way it looked in late December.

Return of the Twisted Tree by debbie rich

There are a whole lotta swirls goin' on, so I'm going to rename this piece Twisted Tree. Not super original but you can see it above the forrest.

I worked on this painting-on-paper last Spring, but put it aside because I didn't feel it was working. Painting on canvas made me realize the missing element was contrast. So I added dark lines between the blue swirls and the piece came together. 

One more pass on the grass and leaves—once the current layer dries—and I'll call this done.