Tree Pixie in Doylestown PA by debbie rich

Working on a tree pixie or tree nymph series that is inspired by my October in Doylestown. The trees were off-the-hook gorgeous. It had been close to 20 years since I'd experienced an east coast fall and I am still happily overwhelmed by the colors.

This is the photo that provided inspiration. It's a field of trees and morning haze that is adjacent to the art museum in city center.


Silver Tree, large, stage 4 (ish) by debbie rich

I've been working diligently on my big Silver Tree. Here's where it's at now. (And here's where it was before.)

The girl and tree are fully painted in and ready for new layers of skin and bark. I've underpainted the background blue city, which will soon get a layer of colors. Still adding the first layer of green grass and foliage. And I'm trying to decide how to complete the sky because I can't work on the tree branches or start into the leaves until the sky is resolved. 

Silver Tree, large, stages 2 + 3 by debbie rich

I've finished laying down the brown base for the tree trunk and branches. Happy with how I've played with the light shining on the scene, coloring the branches lighter and yellower to the right, and darker to the left. At least, *I* can tell there's a supposed light source. 

Here is an earlier stage, with just the blue sky base applied. The initial sketch is here