Bleeding Hearts, dynamic duo by debbie rich

I worked simultaneously on two versions of Bleeding Heart, and here are the finals for my emerging female series. Neither turned out exactly the way I had envisioned, but it's a new set of imagery for me and I have great ideas for the next versions. Fewer hearts, more light & dark play, and a continued exploration of how to approach the female form.

At left, an exaggerated female form. I like her big eyes and the play of light in the background. Here is its earlier stage. At right, working on a more realistic expression on her face.  

Chi Triptych #2, stage 2 by debbie rich

I've been slowly working on my favorite lady, all three angles of her. Almost have the first layer of painting complete. Here is the first stage

I am using the smaller Chi Triptych #1 as my reference, rather than looking at the photographs that I originally used. The two side by side below.

Cactus heart of my dream by debbie rich

A couple nights ago, I dreamt of a woman who had a plant growing from her belly. Woke up and sketched it, scanned the image, found stock images to use as references, and improved the sketch to this:

It's the first figurative work I've done in a long time. Looking forward to turning it into something else, likely a small painting.

Broken hearts by debbie rich

Recently I dug through old sketches, ideas and snippets that I haven’t used yet. This series of four “broken heart” images is something I sketched almost a decade ago, and I still plan to create large paintings for each.