Spring is here, and the swirls follow / by debbie rich

March 21st has passed in a blur — and swirl — of browns and green. I've jumped back into my second Big Swirl painting and finished painting the branches. Raw sienna, burnt sienna and indian red plus peach, beige, pale yellow, white and a bit of orange. Casually mix-mastering the colors while listening to my new favorite sci-fi book epic, Hyperion.

Here's how the painting looked in December. A snapshot of the areas that I'm working on now.

- Adding twisty roots to the tree base, in part to break up the block o'green grass which isn't feeling super successful yet. It will be a challenge to integrate the root's opaque colors with the slightly translucent colors of the trunk, since the trunk was painted on the pristine white canvas while the roots cover thick green. 

- Starting the foliage cover by dabbing big splotches of paint. Each leaf is made from a squirt of a tube or a small scoop of the palette knife. Hastily applied, so I'm not overthinking the splooches.