Big, bold & blue: I finally work on canvas / by debbie rich

I've cleared a studio space in my new home, stretched and gessoed a 36x48" canvas, and am feeling super excited about the opportunity to work large again. It's been years. 

Here's stage 3 of Big Swirly Tree. The first layer of tree is complete, and I'm slowly adding an initial buildup of blue sky. 


Stage 2: Swished the first wash of paint into the tree form. The dark blue pastel made an unexpected blend with the brown oil paint, and some really nice color chemistry came through.


Stage 1: Used my newly purchased digital mini-projector to project a completed smaller piece on my canvas. Traced the lines with dark blue oil pastel (also called craypah). It was a more difficult process than I expected because my shadow kept falling across the canvas and blocking the projected image.