Bureau with a long art history / by debbie rich

I’m space clearing my house as I prepare for a big move and Craigslist’s Free section is my favorite hangout. You can give absolutely anything away on Craigslist.

This bureau began its life as a plain, functional ‘raw’ wood piece of furniture. At some point, I decided it would be my arts & crafts project but eventually I realized that I’m a painter, not a craft artist. So over the years, I’ve randomly glued odds & ends on the drawers, from solidary earrings that lost their mate, to leftover dollar store dreidels, to wood pieces from Burning Man sculptures. But I never finished even that part of the project.

Now it’s time for this old girl to find a new home, and I was concerned that it is too personalized for anyone to want her. But someone on Craigslist does — hurrah! I hope the new owner gets a drawerful of happy years.