New Years Eve in Puerto Vallarta (I wish!) / by debbie rich

November was a super productive month for painting. Then the December chill blew through Northern CA and I hibernated along with my paint and pastels. But I want to end the year artistically, so I’ve been picking at another version of my favorite Puerto Vallarta scene.

Thought about adding my sorta-trademark swirls in the sky, but went instead with an older method in which I use different shades of blue to define the tree branches, and let bits of lighter underpainting show through. Then I add more branches with white and brown colored pencil. 


Next tasks are to firm up the foliage, add leaves to the bare trees, and finalize the building texures. I also need to make the laundry lines feel more dimensional. Here are Stage 2 and Stage 1

My other PV pieces are 5 x 7 inches on sketchbook paper. This PV painting was laid out on watercolor paper using a light table, so the substrate texture feels really nice, and it measures 8 x 10.5 inches. I plan to keep this method of transitioning my first sketch into a larger planned piece.

Happy new year!