Nevada City trees, stage 2 / by debbie rich

Feeling psyched — haven’t used that word in a decade — about how this painting is developing. It’s from a pencil sketch that I did in Nevada City two weekends ago. I colored the trees with pencil and paint, then added most of the ground with oil pastel. Tonight I filled gaps in the ground with more paint. Here is stage 1

Time to add green foliage to the background sky, but it’ll be a couple days before the grass paint is dry enough. 


On a different note, I finished one anthropomorphic tree painting, which will get posted here when it’s dry enough to scan. And butchered the other version by adding a bushy hair of leaves that looks like a 1970s green afro. Not fitting for a twisty tree with a twisty face, so that will be the first piece to hit the garbage in a long time. But it will get resurrected for a new larger piece. All of these 5x7” paintings are really comps for larger ones.